Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Happens After Learn to Skate?

So you're an adult skater. You've chugged along through a learn to skate program (either ISI or USFSA will do) and now you're ready to skate on your own. Or maybe you have some ideas that you want to do jumps better, or you want to improve your edges, or you see Davis and White and decide to join the Cult of Ice Dance. Now What?

You get a coach.

(Sorry, this was posted accidentally. But, since by the time I realized it, there were 3 comments already, I'm leaving it as it is. )


  1. I need lessons. I don't practice well on my own, and my rink doesn't have any sort of "coffee club" where a group of like minded adults could motivate me.

    So I after LTS I started private lessons.

    However, I'm still in group lessons. Technically I'm in FS4 (and have been for years), but in reality, we don't do much of FS4 stuff in the class. The coach is really good about doing whatever the people in the class want/need (it is a mix of adults and kids- sometimes just 2 of us...right now there are 3 of us- a 70 year old woman, me-a 30 y/o, and a 12 year old). We do freestyle, as that is what we all want to do, but we don't just drill the boring FS4 stuff over and over and over. So I'll stay in group lessons for a LONG time if I can.

  2. So Part II of this post how you met/chose your coach?

  3. @Jessim, I'm in group lessons too. FS3, technically, though as I am currently the only one in the group, the coach is quite happy for me to be at a pathetic FS1 spinning level and moving on to FS4 for jumps. I think perhaps private lessons would help too -- but I'm not sure how/when to ake that leap.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  4. Eeeek! Posted rather than saved. I guess tomorrow will be the article.