Monday, December 19, 2011

Mohawk Muscle

When I started mohawks I had the usual problem with the checking and the foot placement.  But what I really had trouble with was the leg position and the actual strength in my legs.  I had had a broken ankle, and spent a year not exercising, so my leg muscles were pretty weak. Fixing this turned out to be easy.

Having a house with a stairway turned out to be beneficial. I simply walked up the stairs in mohawk position every time I took the stairs.  This meant placing my first foot down on the step at an angle away from centerline, and then stepping up only using the first leg, and putting the heel of the second foot at the center of the first foot.  I'd then repeat the sequence up the stairs, alternating feet all the way up.

When I started out I had to use the rails to help myself up. After a couple of weeks, I was able to do the exercise without using the rails at all. I also did this at work when I went up and down the stairwells when they were empty. When someone saw me I told them truthfully that I was exercising to recover from the ankle injury.

Coach Amazing showed me a variant of this. By going down the stairs backwards, you can get the feel for closed mohawks. Step down with the first foot, then bring the arch of the second foot to the heel of the first foot.

Both of these are simple exercises really helped me out when I was recovering from the aftereffects of the broken ankle.  I found not only did they help me with building up strength in my weakened legs, but it worked on my upper body position and balance. I think you could make it harder by doing two steps at a time, but I've shrunk so much, that I just do one step. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it.)

It will make you look silly if you do it, but it really helped me out, so I was willing to make the effort.

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