Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dutch Waltz -- Test


The remarks were "Rushed but basically on time"

The video is painful viewing. Until I passed the first CW progressive I felt jerky and really clunked that progressive. Then all of a sudden, I felt smooth and in control. On the back side I think I did everything correctly, but it's hard to see in the video.

During the presentation glide the judge stood up and applauded. I think that was a nice gesture of encouragement (I was the oldest person testing).

Well, what did I learn from the test?

1. I need to have more videos of my skating up to the test to 'see' what I'm doing, rather than 'feel' what I'm doing.

2. I need to get to where extension is first nature. I think if I had my extension under control, I wouldn't have been so rushed at the beginning.

3. MORE KNEEBEND! It was adequate, I was hardly stiff kneed, but I can really get down there if I work on it.

4. I'd like more power, but that may be physically limited.

5. I need to plan my warmup better. I worked on my knee bend, and stroking. I really should have put some emphasis on my alternating crossovers more.

I stayed for several other dance tests. Two people had to have retries. One woman totally missed the hick kick in the Hickory Hoedown (I'm pretty sure that was a fail).


  1. Congratulations! (I knew you would- your coach doesn't seem like the kind to let you test unprepared.)

    Videos are key- but can be kind of depressing. I don't look ANYTHING like what I imagine I do.

  2. Well, I thought my posture was nice, but right now, I just want to move forward to the Rhythm Blues and Canasta Tango. I think I'd feel better about everything if my extension was what it can be. I've done better. That first CW progressive just bites though.

  3. Yay!!!! Congratulations! Whoo-hoo!! *does celebratory dance* That's awesome. Can't wait to read about your progress on Rhythm Blues and Canasta Tango.

  4. Thanks, MER. I know you'll do great when you get ready to test. It's one of life's little experiences.