Friday, March 13, 2020

Croronavirus and the Rink

Some rinks are closed. Mine are not.

However, Thursday night both rinks sent me emails (at the same time!)  about Coronavirus 19 and what they are going to do. I have to give them credit, the ice rinks beat the  flow of 200 Coronavirus-19 emails a day I've received since then by about 6 hours.

One rink sent me a pretty detailed email about their increased cleaning regimen. I showed it to a friend before group when I got the email. "What do you think?" I pointed to the 'increased cleaning regimen' sentence.

He said "Well, why aren't they doing that anyway!?" Which is exactly what I thought.

Clean up--we always clean up
Hire this guy....and see if he can do pairs--he's got the shoulders
We both looked down at the detritus over the mats. Candy wrappers, tiny toy parts, random pieces of candy, nuts, more candy wrappers with gooey pieces of candy in it (let me say 'Merica, if you're wondering why your kid are so fat, I think I've found the answer.) The rink always looks like that.

Then I got angry. I typed a message back to the manager. "If you're worried about hand cleanliness, why has the hot water in the ladies room sinks been out for the last two weeks?"

I am going to hold that rink's metaphorical hockey skates to the fire, and that emotional fire better be under the hot water heater that has a pipe to the ladies room.

So, I have to give the rink credit. I had an answer in fifteen minutes that they were going to fix it as soon as I told them which rink of their stable of rinks....oopsie.  Maybe I should ask them to fix the two broken doors in the ladies too while they're poking around.

Fortunately, our rinks are satisfactorily crowded, but not crowded like a Sunday Mass during Lent. I don't feel bad about skating as you seldom get closer than three to six feet to people.  So, I continue to skate.  So far....


  1. Good for you for holding them accountable. I've never figured out why rinks never have hot water in the restrooms. As for the overweight kids, why are all of the snack machines filled with junk? I understand giving your kid something to eat to keep them quiet, but couldn't they put healthier options in those machines? Don't ask me what, other than popcorn, I can't think of anything.

    All of my rinks have closed. As has Broadway. NYC is very quiet right now.

    1. The water was cold today too. I made another complaint. I also pointed out that they needed more trash cans accessible to observers in the stands, and to put the trash cans in the hockey boxes so people can just reach over the boards and drop tissues in them.
      The rink is open, day to day.