Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dolla! Dolla! Owe me a Dolla!

My coach has a 10+ year old skater in lesson before me; sweet girl but doesn't understand the difference between 'my lesson' and 'her lesson'.

She'll interrupt my lesson like it's play time, and Coach and I will shoo her off. Or she get in my way in a pattern I'm working and coach will have to move her someplace else.

All this is pretty much typical kid behavior.  Coach and I are nice about it, but she's now at that age where she needs to learn good skating etiquette. Coach has talked to her. I've told her (nicely) to scoot before I fall on her when she's in my way in a back 8. We've explained to her before lessons. Nothing seemed to work.

She's having trouble stepping out of little kid behavior (never looking at what's around her) into more responsible kid behavior (being aware of what's going on), and  she's old enough to pay attention to other skaters.

One day I joked to Coach, "Next time she cuts into my lesson I'll charge her a dollar." Coach laughs.

Five minutes later the girl interrupts my lesson to play.

"Dolla. Dolla. Owe me a dolla." I stick my palm out to her.

Coach says, "Yes, this is Babbette's time, she's paid for it, if you want to talk to me you have to pay for it."

A little confused, the girl skates away.

Five minutes later --again--she breaks into my lesson to play.

"Dolla. Dolla..." I say; Coach and I go through the entire bit again.

This time, she gets it.You can almost see the light go on.

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  1. I know I'm late with this comment, but by her age, she should know simple everyday etiquette. Interrupting is interrupting and it's rude. Glad you were able to teach her in a way she understood. Did you get your money?