Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Back to LTS -- Freeskate 2

I got pretty bored in Freeskate 1 --- I don't think the rink really cares where I go--- so I signed up in Freeskate 2, AND I'M THE ONLY STUDENT

Alone again...Naturally

The coach is lovely. 

I am awful.

Freeskate 2 is intro to back spin, back inside 3, half lutz, salchow, BI3, alternating inside and outside spirals, back edges. 

What I can do is back edges, step through on the half lutz,  forward outside spiral (yeah I can do an inside spiral, it just never shows up).

Let's just say, she is being so sweet. Offering to work on dance with me, or anything I want because I am just so overwhelmed.

I stick with the Freeskate 2 skills because how else will I learn?  And because I'm working on backspins I can almost cross my leg over on my forward spins, Hooray. (Let me just mention there's a lot of leg crossing at the ankle while skating on one foot in this level. If I could get over this fear, I could improve most of these skills. )

Just a note. A 20 year old girl stopped me while I was on practice ice and said, "You are so healthy! How do you do it?" 

"These skates don't move themselves"

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