Monday, August 19, 2019

Lake Placid Day Two: Onset of Exhaustion and Pain

Skating total number of hours--no idea. Started at 7 ended at 5. Break for lunch and various off ice moments.

Private: Stroking. edges. and mohawks to stop that awful scraching noise, and skating with a partner as he changes positions in a pattern.

Endurance Skating: The coach told me, "That's a kid's class, I'm not going to put adults through that on the first day." So we did checking and stroking improvement. My ability to do forward crossovers facing out of the circle really came in handy. I was not the slowest person in the class.
Understanding Turns: Mostly about figuring out how you're messing up your turns.

 Group Number: So far a wheel, spins, and emoting, plus this thing we do like a wave--trust me, it will look fantastic when it's finished.

At the end of the day

Then I did a 20 pose yoga class ending with 'Happy Baby'

And Tylenol

I feel much better.

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