Monday, August 26, 2019

Lake Pacid Skate Camp: Day Five Alternating Spins

I'm skating 4 hours a day, plus a lot of walking around Lake Placid before I start my spin lesson.

Coach and I stroke around while she looks at my edging and posture then we touch on mohawks, 3  turns and crossovers.

In the last half of the lesson we start on spins.

I'm tired, but I'm loose.

I do an entry from the left direct into a one foot spin. Dramatic exit, one foot entry into a right spin. Dramatic exit.

Then I do this over and over for the second half of the less, arms held in, arms in the air,  fast, slow,  talking all the time, yakkety yakkety. Snapping into spins, no hesitation. Moe than three rotations consistently

My home coach once told me that there would come a day when spins would be as natural to me as any skill I'd ever had. That when that day came, it would be like a lock opened in my head and I would be doing spins effortlessly from now on.

That Day Has Come!

But for the rest of the week I couldn't get a decent spin if you paid me.


I guess I now know how much warmup it takes for me to get fancy-shmancy spins. Several hours.

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