Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I Jump from Pre-Free to Freeskate 4---It's not a miracle

Remember how my groups have varied from just me to just two or three? Well, this time it was 6 kids. And they have yet to learn mohawks. So I murmur to the coach, "Okay, I'm better than them, at least for the next two weeks." Yeah, she laughs....Because , as we all know, kids will learn faster and get better and be working on their axels while I'm still struggling with a sit spin.

This may be my only sit spin

So, my advice is if you're in my situation, an advanced adult skating with a group of kids, get yourself way far away from the group to practice. It lets the coach give them more attention, and you can work on your own skills. The kids were learning 3 turns--I was doing alternating 3s. They were learning mohawks--I was doing chains of mohawks. They're learning spins. I'm spinning both ways. This coach knows me, and it gives her a chance to focus on the new learners.

Anyway, after group  was over the coach came up to me and said, "We'd like to move you to Freeskate 4."

Man, I knew it wasn't because I'm . just . that . good.

It's because they have a Freeskate 4 class with Just.One.Student.

Oh, that poor girl. She's working on her half loop and flip, and here I come--working on forward and backward spins, a butt load of footwork (okay, I can do that), back threes, and edge pulls--to catch up to her level.

But Semi-Private Lessons?

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