Saturday, March 9, 2019

Competition and Performance Makeup for the Male Skater

Now every woman skater knows that if her coach says "for this performance lay the makeup on thick," you should be prepared for more makeup than you normally wear.

Nice but this still needs darker lipstick
And for skaters with darker complexions
This is from a stage makeup tutorial
You going to be 20+ feet away from your audience, moving fast, rotating, jumping, not going to a cotillion to be presented to society. Don't be shy, Be bold. If you have no experience, find someone who can help.
But guys? IDEA!

The coach says, "If you don't wear any make up your face will just look like a blob  out there on the ice. The lights will be so bright your face will wash out."

Most guys may get some help from a friend or relative and come up with something like this as a first attempt...
 "Damn," he thinks, "I look good"

Then the coach takes him aside, "No, heavier!"

I should say, that in my last 'performance' I used dollar store makeup. I was on ice for about 60 seconds as a slutty bombshell. I lathered makeup on. Then I topped it off with some sparkly stuff someone loaned me from her make up kit. 

The rest of my makeup came off, but that sparkly stuff stayed on there for DAYS!!. I flew across country leaking sparkles on airplane upholstery. Men of my age openly stared at me. I eyeballed the cute one and said, "Stage make up. Won't come off. Ice Show." Okay ladies, if you're single and you don't want to be, this has to be on of the best "Hey there" lines ever. Oh, and if you want to meet some widowers of my age, go to the Social Security Office and get in line before the door opens. Dress up, and put on the sparkly make up. You've got the line there, just waiting for you.

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