Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I'm Constulted at the Rink

So, while I was doing a warmup to get ready for Group Lesson, two boys of about 9 in full hockey gear, skated directly at me and slammed into the shortboards. I did an emergency stop.and narrowly avoided skating into them. As they skated away a little girl came up to me with a sad face and said with a pout: "Hockey boys."

I thought that the only people who used that term, were me,
my readers, and my friends. But no, it's well known.

I was sympathetic and bent over to listen. "They're awful." she said, "And one of them's my brother."

"Well, you have to be nice to your brother." I say. "And he has to be nice to you." I pat her shoulder gently. She smiles and skates away.

Okay, I've done my good deed at the rink for this year. 

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