Sunday, December 16, 2018

Changing My Spin Entrance

So,  the spin entrance I started with is mohawk, back cross, step into the circle, spin. 

Now my coach has told me to work on my spin rotation speed, and while I'm still injured to stick to two  feet spins. So, she looked at me and said, "Let's switch some things around and start from a three turn rather than a mohawk."

Sure, whatever

So, I ripped into it; 5 rotations and I could have done more but I got really dizzy at the speed.

"Okay," my coach says. "So you tend to look down when you do mohawks, but you don't for threes. So we're switching to threes to enter the pattern." She drew an X on the ice. "I want you to start with a Forward outside  figure 8, from the x, then when you get back to the x, I want you to switch feet into a FO3  on the other circle and go into a spin."

Me: "Alight then." and I skated thourgh the pattern successfully with a nice spin at the end.

Next she said, "Start on the center x, LFO8, into a LFO3 like a  waltz 8, stroke back into two back crossovers on the second half of the first circle, when you reach the x again, switch into a Right back cross onto the other circle , hold the back edge then step into the circle for a spin."

"Anything else?"


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