Sunday, July 1, 2018

Skating with a Foot Injury

Somehow I injured my right foot. I don't know how. Just one day I was skating and my big toe started hurting at the joint. Coincidentally, I couldn't get to the rink for a couple of weeks, so I let it rest. That'll do it, I thought. Rest. Always a winner.

The pain got worse over the next two weeks, and  extended up to the tendon between the metatarsals of my first and second toe.  It may be 'extensor tendenitis'.
It could also be sesamoiditis

Thursday, I went to group and it hurt so bad, I couldn't walk in my boot from the bench to the ice. I went home

Saturday, I treated it with OTC painkillers, made adjustments to my insole so it raised my big toe to take the stress off. I could skate for an hour.

When I told my coach I believed wedging the inside egde of my insole would take the stress off my foot she said:

All the adult skaters getting off freestyle laughed when they heard that.
I'm going to assume it's a laugh of affectionate sympathy.

I have an appointment with my hockey coaching podiatrist on the 10th. Let this all be over with a cortisone shot.

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