Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Sad Fate of My Feet

You know, there's one thing no one ever told me; that my feet would lose their skate toughness if I didn't skate regularly for 3 (going on four) months.

Oh, I expected to lose stamina, and maybe leg strength, balance, spin rotations, mohawks on the bad side, waltz 3's, whatever. But no, those are fine. In fact, the spins are better'n when I was doin' 'em in October.

Imagine your skates have sandpaper insoles. 55 minutes skating, I'm fine. 56 minutes, I'm on fire.

Firewalking  has a tricky set up
with the right kind of wood and preparation. It's
physics, not psychology.
Anyway, I moisturize my feet, that's not the problem. The issue is the pressure on my feet. When I skate regularly, I get used to the discomfort of the pressure. When I haven't skated for a while, I have to start all over again.

When people start skating, I notice they complain their feet hurt. My response is always, 'wait a while, you'll get used to it."  Because, most of the time, people just need to get used to the sensation of the steady pressure of tight boots, or putting all their weight for extended periods of time on one foot. It take time to build up tolerance for it.

If it's this bad, yeah, take it to your tech


  1. Sorry to hear that your feet hurt, but so glad to have you back on the ice!

  2. Welcome back. Did you try soaking or icing your feet until they toughen up a bit?