Monday, January 15, 2018

Skating Moms #1: The Concerned Skating Mom

The skating moms at my rink are very nice. The ones I used to know well have moved on and there's a new group.

So Saturday there was Freestyle right before Public. I had my skates on and I strolled into the rink area just to check the temperature and see who was doing what. (You know we all do that.)

I glanced over at the ice monitor who I didn't know and gave her a smile. She was looking at me with an expression of concern.

 "Oh, I'm not going on." I explained, "I was just checking out the ice."

She laughed lightly in return. "I wondered, because there's only 10 minutes left to freestyle. I thought it would be a little short."

"And I thought you thought I was a newbie in rental skates," I joked back. We were getting along nicely.

"Oh, no," she was serious now,"Our rink doesn't have skates as nice as those."

Well, THANK YOU anonymous skating mom.

I hope all the skating moms at your rinks are as nice as the ones at mine.

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