Sunday, November 5, 2017

Shocking the Coach...

Part of our Christmans show has a quick inside swing role as part of some foot work.

FO3, turn forward, chasse', swing roll, dramatic pose, lunge, twizzle...

Okay, simple enough, but even though the music is slow, that stuff seems like it's coming pretty quick because I feel like I'm always skating just a half a beat behind. My dance coach used to bitch about this.

"Why can't you get on the beat!"
So, since the swingroll is in the middle, I just quick kick through it to make sure I get on the beat.

My coach gives me a look of shock.

"How do you do that without killing yourself?!"

Apparently , I kick through the swingroll without bending my knee and there's some posture thing going on. It looks like I should be falling backwards.

I think about it a second, "I guess I have such a big ass that it lowers my center of gravity. It feels okay."

 My coach's expression to that

Honestly, I was steady, but I thought she was going to reach out to grab me. Maybe if it looks really scary I can work it into a program sometime.


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