Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rebuilding an Insole

At Lake Placid my insole came apart. I did a temp fit and forgot about it. Then last week the 'fix' broke apart.

So I went and did a permanent fix.

That broke apart.

So I fixed that.

Fix 3 didn't give my big toe enough support.

So I fixed that.

And fix four made it better, but not enough.

I'm Now Here

I actually had to leave group it hurt so bad.

I'm now back to the stage where I have to show up at the ring with a handful of different brands of insoles and a pair of scissors and spend an entire session doing nothing but gettin on and off the ice and making adjustments.  There goes two hours of my life.

The Lobby of the Rink Will Look Like This


  1. Replies
    1. Not yet. I build myself custom insoles because of a foot problem. Eventually the parts wear out.