Monday, July 31, 2017

The Ups and Downs of Figure Skating

The rink has installed new speakers, so the music is so loud in the center during public, my coach and I move the lesson to a lutz corner.

I'm really 'on point'. For the very first time, every crossover forward and back, have solid underpushes with extension, from the first to the last one I do. My coach cries out, "Those are wonderful!"

Then an adult ice tourist clinging to the boards next to the lutz circle exclaims , "Wow!" as I skate past him backwards.

My coach and I thank him and give him a couple of quick tips to make his time on the ice more enjoyable, then we move on.

After my lesson a four year old skater (her father coaches her) comes up to me to show her 4 year old stuff: Waltz jump, back inside 3, back spin. I applaud her. Not only is she better than I am, at 4 she has the intense focus of a 15 year old on the short list for the Olympics.

That's figure skating for you. There's always someone below you and someone who is better. I check my ego at the gate.

(But I confess, just once I'd like to make people gasp at my skating-other than when I fall down.) 🙂

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