Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things only Figure Skaters Understand #10

Ever have one of those moments when you're working on something and a superior skater comes and nails it right in front of you. This is then followed by an exchange of looks....

I'm working on my 1 foot spin, when a girl FIFTY YEARS YOUNGER THAN I AM (15) comes in front of me and when she finishes a decent one foot spin, stops  and.......

She Looks at Me

I look at Her

Thinking: Your life must be pretty boring if you want to smack down an
adult old enough to be your grandma

She looks at me

I look at Her

Thinking: No offense sweety but I've had decades of staring people down
She Looks at Me
I look at Her
Thinking: Jeeze Louise, give it up already
She Skates Away 
I asked another adult skater what she does when stuff like this happens. She says, "Oh, I just tell her 'Nobody likes you'."
Damn, that's harsh. She really cut that 'figure skating ice princess' shit down to the bone with one strike.


  1. Funny post, Babette! Next time she bails big time in front of you, go over and say in a syrupy voice, "oh honey, are you okay? that was such an embarrassing fall." Dang! I've turned all Minnesota passive-aggressive.

    1. I plan just to do a 'slow clap'. That's Texas passive aggressive. :-)