Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Skating Stash Has Got Out of Hand

I left the rink in a hurry after Friday public last week, and accidentally left my wrist guards and my gloves. I didn't notice until I got to lesson the next day. Well, I had an extra pair of gloves in the bag, and (I reassured myself) I had a backup pair of wristguards at home.

I went into the storage 'room' (third bedroom) when I got home to pull out my back up wrist guards from my 'stash'.

I'd show you a picture of it, but I'm just too embarrassed

3 old worn out duffels, one of which holds my Death costume and extra bits of fabric for costumes, the rest are filled with gloves I bought on sale, knee highs, winter hats, and 'WTF is this in here for?' stuff.

A huge rolling  tool box that I once thought would hold my entire skating stash. It has a pair of dance boots in the bottom, and the two trays are filled with mismatched blade guards, and my extra wrist guards! Woohoo!

Two totes filled with blade rags, mismatched gloves, moleskin still in the package, callus doughnuts still in the package,  pens, stamps, and notecards leftover from a long ago skating party.

A pair of freestyle boots sitting by themselves all on their lonesome. Plus, 3 pairs of blades (including 1 pair of patch blades), a pair of boot insoles, leftover boot fitting thingies, and a boot punch.

A dance dress that still doesn't fit, a red lace bolero for the failed canasta tango, a body shaper, and a pair of black booty shorts to wear under the dress.

And on top of the pile, like a cherry on a sundae, is a viking hat that I'm saving for a costume someday in the future. It just appeared on my desk one day at work, and I knew what it was meant for. Thank you, unknown skating costume donor, whoever you are.
Now everything is spread over the floor as I try to reorganize it. It looks like  the leftovers of looting in a Winter Wonderland at Macy's after Christmas is over.

I think I'm going to get some plastic containers, and a labelling system. Or maybe, I need something like this...

"Luggage, hand me some gloves."

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  1. Last summer I reorganized my skating "stash" so that it resided in one drawer (tights, practice clothes), one bag (competition dresses, all rolled up nicely), and one closet shelf (old skates). The result is that now all the overflow has migrated all over the house! At least yours is in one bedroom, Death costume (impressive!) included!