Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fun At Group Freestyle

The ice dancer who also sharpens blades sat down next to me in the lobby to put on his boots. For a few moments we caught up on the hurricane, the goings on in Group, and so on. Then I said, "Hey, check my blades. I think I need a sharpening." I set my foot in its boot on my knee, so he did a combination of bending down and pulling my foot up to get it into view.

He ran his thumb along it and glared meaningfully at my edges. "About 5 or 6 hours." he said. So, I'm good.

Then the woman skater seated on the other side stuck her booted foot up in the air towards his face, "What about mine?"

It's beginning to look like this at the rink...when the consulting sharpener shows up.

Anyway,  I fell during group on a waltz jump. I'm not kidding, the class stopped and everyone skated over to help me. Either this means they're terrified I'll break something because I'm elderly and fragile, or they wanted a break from skating.

I'm going with...they needed a break from skating!

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