Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Glove of Shame

In yesterday's post, I used the term "The Glove of Shame" and if you've never heard it, you may wonder what that is.

The Glove of Shame is when your coach takes off one glove, holds it in one hand and tells you to hold the other end. This is supposed to demonstrate you can do some skill on your own, and don't have to have their assistance.

Why use the Glove of Shame? Usually it's when the skater is afraid of doing a skill, but is fully capable of doing it. The skater is also about five and is very, very gullible.

The glove is supposed to give the skater a psychological boost. "You did that crossover and I wasn't holding on to you, you can do it yourself! Give it a try!"

But, once you are old enough to understand the meaning of the picture below, the Glove of Shame loses its mystical power that  it holds for five year olds and you'll just roll your eyes at the coach.

All you know is that as an adult, once the coach shows you the Glove of Shame, you are the one who needs to get over your own damn headgames....with yourself!

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