Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dance Break?

Sometimes....well, according to my coach, *all* the time...when I need to loosen up I'll take a 'dance break'. Tunes will hit my ears from the loudspeakers and I'll do some poppin' and lockin', or maybe even shake my booty. My coach doesn't like this. She'll give me a 'professional' look. You know, it's a slow stare with a sigh.
Yes, this is the 'professional' stare
I'm quite happy to smile back and keep on bustin' some moves.

Then last week my coach had a new student. He's about five and like all five year olds, he's adorable. When his lesson was over, my coach skated to me to start my lesson.

"You know what my little student did?" she asks. Of course, I shake my head.

"He stopped in the middle of the lesson and says to me 'Dance Break' and starts dancing to the music."

Then coach gives me a long suspicious stare. I can read her mind, 'Did you teach him that?'
Everytime, I think of this, I gotta smile.

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