Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Mazurka Jump/Hop--I HAZ ONE!

So Miss Bianca has me do side toe hops. Okay, sure, tap-hop-tap glide. Then she says, "Now I want you to cross one foot over and then glide out." She demonstrates.

I cock my head, "That looks like a mazurka."

"And it is," she says.

The Mazurka is a dance that has appeared in at least one opera and some ballets. I, who was brought up on massive doses of opera against my will, can hear the music in my head. Dum de duum dum, dumdeddum.

Toe in, cross-toe-in, glide away. Ta-DA!

The Historical Ballet Mazurka

And The Mazurka Jump as Demonstrated for a USFSA Video

Tenley Albright--World and Olympic Gold Medalist

You know, I need to work on my arm positions.
Nice height though!
 I now feel like one of those little girls who can do a step-over crossover and says, "I can do crossovers, why are you making me learn them again, I already know how to do crossovers."

Me: "I can do a waltz jump. I can do a mazurka jump why are you making me do them again...."

Coaches everywhere, "Because yours suck!"

 Pretty much!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I tried to explain this jump to people, but I've never seen it done - only read the description in a diagram book. I'm sure I'll look much less silly demonstrating it now.

    1. A word of warning, if I have to practice, you have to practice. Pinky Swear!