Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Drama Queen Inside Me....On Ice

I've been improving, really.  My change to 1/2" ROH has forced me to really get down in the knee and correctly hold my body position. I'm gliding like a butterfly.  And many of the things I used to hesitate to do, I'm now doing. It's not like I'm a Gold Level skater, it's like I'm a really, really, incredibly good graduate of LTS.

And since I ditched the 7/16" ROH, I can't rely on the edges to hold me up when I'm in incorrect body position. Since I'm now skating with correct body positions, a persistent pain in my back has rapidly faded away.

And my two foot spins. OMG. For a girl who wouldn't even think about spins two months ago, today I ripped out consistent 4 rotation spins, well-centered, with correct foot position, on the forward spin rocker behind the toepick, silent as the grave, with an exit edge solid as a brick wall. 


Except . . . .Wanna see my one foot spin?
That's right! There's no picture of a one foot spin because there is no one foot spin!

Right now, the old me, the calm mature me would post a picture supporting "Skating is a Journey, not a race." or "it will come".

No, I want my one foot spin and I want it better than now, I want it yesterday!

But on the outside I'm calm. "I'm getting better, I think," I say to my coach.

Her eyes widen with surprise I'd even ask such a question. "Every lesson, you get better and better," she says.

"A little bit better every time, " I reply, "Celebrate the little things."

On the inside?

F*k*g Spins.

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