Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Awkward Compliment

Before this round of Physical Therapy, my right hip and lower back weren't strong enough to support me on my back inside edges after turns, so I'd put my foot down early.

It's now just a bad habit. The body has to be retrained that I'm not going to fall on my ass and possibly knock myself out when my head strikes the ice. (Can I help it my body is paranoid?)

Miss Bianca's trick is that when I 'inadvertently' step down the free foot, that I immediately pick it up.

Breaking old habits requires a lot of concentration.

Lift that foot up! Lift that foot up!

But I finally get the technique down in the pattern of crossover-crossover-mohawk-back cross-back cross-turn forward. I keep the foot up on the back inside edge.

I'm delighted.

"See that Miss Bianca? I did It!"
Miss Bianca gives me a look.

Then she passes on the awkward compliment: "Good struggle," she says.

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