Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rockers, and Counters, and Brackets. Oh, My!

Miss Bianca decided today was the day she would introduce me to two foot rockers, counters and brackets.

Out came the Marks-a-Lot of Doom to draw elegant little diagrams to illustrate the bracket first. I won't say "easy-peasy", but a lot less upper body swing than I thought. I kept blocking my back edge by getting my arm in the wrong position, but fixed that.

There are three things involved: the down-up-down on the blade, movement of the hips, and the arms.  I'm going to focus on the arms, because it's hard for me to talk about my hips or my blade.

Bracket arms are like this, pretty much the same coming and going:

Then she drew a rocker pattern on the ice. Starts like a three turn, ends like a bracket.

There's a lot more arms involved. Still, it's manageable.

Counters are a bitch. It's a bracket up front, and a three turn behind.

Excuse me! BRACKET UP FRONT!? What fresh hell is this!

Then it's counter to a back cross into a two foot spin.

Okay, Counter, fine. Back cross fine. Two foot spin fine. But stepping from the back cross into the spin, I somehow end up going in the wrong direction. Who does that!?

If you really want to see some classy gifs of counters, rockers and brackets, try this link


  1. I had 1 really good counter and 1 really good rocker.

    The other 3 of each were just no good.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the ice dance analysis blotspot. They haven't posted in a while.