Sunday, November 16, 2014

2015 New Year's Skating Resolutions-Start Now

I'm not waiting to the new year to work on my resolutions, I'm doing them now.

1. Building up the strength in my right hip and leg. There's something going on in my right hip and sacrum and knee. It may be an old injury I need to work around because I've had that leg buckle a few times unexpectedly lately. Fixing this is fundamental to everything else. If I can't hold a back edge on the right leg, I can't move forward. Yeah, there's a mixed metaphor isn't there?

2. FI3 and BO3. Working on them now. The BO3 is more likely that FI3. I've had 'issues' with FI3 for years. 

3. Improve my back edges and strength of my back stroking. I can do these, I just can't do them 'pretty'.

4. Improve my power.  Well, this isn't my goal, this is my coach's goal for me. Therefore, it is my goal, whether I want it or not.

5. Start working on my 2016 resolutions: Waltz jump and maybe a couple of half jumps.

What are my long term goals? Nope, not an axel. I don't think I have the reflexes to do that anymore.  My goal is to do all the half jumps (except the split jumps).   I think I could do some really cute programs with half jumps.


  1. My back outside threes on my pronated foot is icky. I feel your pain.

  2. Counters - specifically swung outside left and right inside - with looonnng edges

    1. I did a accident...good luck with yours!