Sunday, May 11, 2014

This Week IN my Figure Skating

Me trying to figure out which skater with the 'in program belt'
is actually in program, and which one is cheating.

The know it all hockey guy who drops his phone while on ice

How I feel practicing lunges

When I'm the only adult on public!

When some guy skating backwards with his arms spread
whaps another skater in the back of the head.

And that's a summary of my week on ice!


  1. Sounds like it was a full moon all week long! Although, while in program, wearing the program belt, I did once hit someone in the back of the head, but she deserved it.

    Hope next week is better!

  2. I sometimes wish we had a program belt. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell quickly who is in program with music and who is practicing their program but without music and who is just doing random stuff but not in the zones identified for what they are doing.