Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lilting Blues

The Canasta Tango Official Dress Rehearsal was today. Dance Coach had me get on the ice for 5 minute warmup then go into the 'test' to see how I handled it. I handled it just fine.

But I had 30 minutes of walking plus 20 minutes of yoga/pilates to get it to work. Warmup is always important.

The dress I picked plus the red lace bolero was deemed a success. Several people asked where I got the bolero--"I ordered it from England," I said, which caused jaws to drop. Nice people who had never spoken to me before on freestyle came up and complimented the outfit.
I give credit to the girdle. Don't tell anyone.

Then Dance Coach decided I needed to practice the Rhythm Blues. Now this dance has the Evil Step Behinds on the end pattern. But I can do those.
I can do those in my sleep,
or partnered by a sheep.
Or dancing with a ram,
while knitting socks with spam.

Anyway, what I can't do is, I can't do Lilt.

Lilt is supposedly easy. You stroke, extend the free leg, hold it straight, go down in the knee, come up, and do a crossover (or progressive). I think I do it correctly. Down, extend leg and hold as I come up, and do crossover. OMG. The.Yapping.  Apparently, I'm not holding the leg straight.

So I hold it straight.

And it's still wrong.

Dance Coach demonstrates what he wants done, as opposed to what I'm doing.

Yep, still do it wrong. Again.

Looked at lilt in the RB in videos, and that's what I think I'm doing. But apparently, I've got some unconscious hitch, or flex or tic, or timing error. I guess this means I have to resort to Hell.On.Earth....getting Dance Coach to video  me. 

Here's a nice video from 2007.

Lilt at seconds 22-23 on first pattern--who can get that wrong? Oh, me.


  1. My coach calls that move "funny knee bend."

    Best of luck in your test! I was supposed to test the first two dances at the end of the month but I finally had an ultrasound to find out why the knives kept stabbing me in the ankle - found out I have two tears in my tendons and I'll be spending the next six weeks in a boot. Sigh......

    1. Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope you have a PT to help you with recovery. 6 weeks in a boot is a long time.

  2. Here's something to try on the lilt. The way you are describing it may not be the way you are actually doing it, but if it is your knee bend timing may be off. When you stroke onto the skating leg, bend the skating knee and stay down with the free leg extended. Then you can come up. If you stroke, extend the free leg, and THEN bend the skating knee you will have trouble doing this.

    I can't get the video to work but in any case, lilt is actually an advanced ice dancing concept so give yourself some time to learn it. It takes practice! Terri