Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfect Test Dress

For some reason unknown to me, my club is not having any tests until August. So I told Dance Coach, "I have time. I think I'll have a test dress made for me."

Dance Coach said, "Finally," with a sigh of relief. I'm sure there was an eye roll in there too, but I'm too short to see it.

So I'm now on a mission to design the 'perfect' dance test dress. By perfect I mean it will allow me to inexpensively tart the dress up so it fits the theme of the dance. I may have to have one or two things made, but there's lots of stuff I can do on my own.

First, the dress.

For a top, I want something strapless with illusion fabric above . I may have skater's butt and thighs, and horsemen's calves, but I've go weightlifters arms and shoulder. Those are going to be shown off.

So something feminine with a bit of a curve to it. I like this dress, but I'm too short to buy stock, so it will need to be custom made. And in black.
Brad Griffiesdress
The skirt is okay, but I want it asymmetrical, with it shorter in the front.  Okay, THAT was easy.

Now what about the dances?
Dutch waltz, done it passed it not gonna worry about it.

Canasta tango--in fact all Latin dances--this dress plus a red lace bolero. And chandelier earrings.

Rhythm Blues--a long electric blue scarf, and some electric blue shortie gloves. Or maybe lace gloves in black.

Swing Dance--this is tricky. After some consideration, I decided on a wide belt with a big buckle. Typical 40's and early 50's (especially with the NewLook), and a doubled string of 'pearl' costume jewelry. I toyed with putting on a 1950's style short sleeved crew sweater, but I'm probably the only one OLD ENOUGH to remember that fad.

OOOh, OOOOh, Better than pearls, a BROOCH!  That's verrry 40's!

Cha-Cha--technically this is a cuban dance, and is considered to be Latin. I supposed the bolero (again),  but when I look at cha cha dancer images, most women's costumes appear to be dedicated to the idea of getting the woman as nekkid as possible. So NO bolero.
Then I came across this image of a Barsony figurine. So lively and expressive! It inspired me. Perhaps a red over skirt or maybe a red under skirt made from chiffon. No,  both over and under! Easy and not expensive.

Fiesta Tango--Latin. The bolero --- again. But why not take the two red chiffon skirts from the Cha-cha and wear them under the dress skirt, along with bolero. And add these:

So that brings, me to the end of the pre-Bronze dances. Same dress, but with just a few extra dollars I can trick up the same tired old test dress so it matches the dances.  Some things like the brooch and belt, I may be able to find at Goodwill. Even the bolero may be fairly inexpensive if it's on eBay.

I think it's a fun and creative project. I'm looking forward to it.

And Dance Coach, he'll never give me the test dress eyeroll again. hee hee.


  1. I totally love your dress ideas - the Brad Griffies dress plus the accessories to fit the nature of each dance. Brilliant! Enjoy putting it all together - I think that's half the fun sometimes, doing the planning (yes I'm an engineer skater, too).

    Also thank you for the stretching DVD info. I'm not flexible at all. I do a stretching DVD routine every day - unfortunately I let someone borrow it 3 years ago and have never seen it again. Luckily I'd memorized one of the routines. I cannot remember who was the instructor. I may order the second one you reviewed.

    1. Thanks for the comments. And for the stretching, glad to be of help.

  2. I like your ideas so thoughtful about each dance. I did dance, but now I only do ISI figure skating. I love making dresses and I put a few on Ebay. Though it's not very profitable, I enjoy doing it. My Ebay store is Skating Dress Steals.