Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What do you do after you skate?

Skiers apparently go sip from the grole or go partying.

What do skaters do?

Well, I go get a healthy smoothie. And maybe a light sandwich. Then take a walk. And a nap. But I'm 60. Mine is not the exciting life they make movies out of.

And skaters? Do they go party 'til dawn? Dancing away the night? I find it hard to believe. When I get to the rink for a freestyle, there are kids rolled up in blankets asleep on the floor, their school bags next to them. The adult skaters look pretty fresh, and don't appear hung over.

What skiers do after skiing

What Skaters Do after Skating

Kid Skaters
Adult Skaters

Figure skating, the healthiest sport in the world!


  1. I uhad lessons on Sunday afternoons, so afterwards I would go to Wal-Mart to by groceries for the upcoming week. And then usually to a drive thru because after skating and shopping, cooking wasn't a priority.


  2. Après-skate is the 45-minute drive home, a snack, feeding and then walking dogs, and then a Pilates Reformer class, scheduled purposely on skating days to test my stamina and endurance. Let's just say some classes will be whinier than others, but I sure sleep well at night!

  3. As a collegiate skater who skates at 6am on Saturday, suffice to say my Friday night activities are not what the vast majority of college students do.... (In bed by 9pm, yay!)