Monday, November 21, 2011

Swingrolls gone bad--the Wingroll

I'm practicing the Dutch Waltz for my test next month, and like many things, when I over practice, bad habits creep in.  Without Dance Coach present to do the patented Russian Frowny Face, I find myself unconsciously slipping into sloppy skating. It takes mental effort for me to do all the pieces of an element, all the time.

So the move goes like this; Stroke and start a curve, free leg back--same side arm and shoulder forward, swing the free leg forward--and check by bringing the opposite arm forward as you bring the free leg forward.  There's inside and outside swing rolls, and doing them isn't hard. But doing them with flow has taken some persistence on my part.

Doing these the other day to get the consistent power and flow coach wants, I realized I was sticking my right leg out to the side during the swing for the outside swing roll.

Urrgh! I looked like a chicken. I was doing the Wingroll.

Coach ever catches me doing a Wingroll he'll not only have Frowny Face, he'll have the Pulling of the Lower Lip, and the Deep, Deep Sigh.  Then will come the Disappointed Voice.

I had to fix it and fast before Coach showed up for lesson.  Obviously I was sticking the leg out to the side to counterbalance something.  Tighten up the core muscles, give a stronger check with the right arm prior to the swing and start the check with the left arm a little earlier than I had been, mentally focus on the leg move, and Voila! I was back to swing rolls.

It took me 5 minutes of fiddling to get there, and I'm not sure I have the right answer. Doesn't matter for the moment. I'm swingin' it, not wingin' it.


  1. If anyone asks, claim "it's not a wingroll, it's a rond de jambe swingroll!"

  2. AMS. Good one! I actually had a coach who taught me rond de jambe on ice to improve my upper body control. Now that you've reminded me, I'll have to start practicing again.Thanks!