Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merry Christmas to Your Skater

I'm taking a one day pause in the skating protection series (Hips tomorrow) to talk about what to get your favorite  skater for Christmas while you have time to shop. First off, I'm not suggesting the usual things, I'm going for the new and unique.

Gloves, Soakers, and Blade Rags

How cheap are you? Did you think you could get away with buying some gloves from the Dollar Store? Not a very good gift are they? Same for blade rags and soakers. But what if you get them all in matching colors!  Maybe in your skater's favorite color! Not very expensive, and may take some work to pull together since you have to look for each piece individually, but it's a nice little touch.  I mate my freestyle boots with a yellow set, the dance boots in blue.

Blade Guards

No, not those cheap blade guards that everyone uses, there's special stuff out there now. Two companies have come up with blade guards that are drool worthy.

Kootsu has an extra wide non-slip sole. Requires a hacksaw to put together. Perfect for those times I leave the iPod in the car!

Rockerz makes custom blade guards (many colors!).  Requires you know the model and the size of your skater's blades. You can order the blades in any color combination you want here! Ooh, I could match them to my yellow and blue skating stuff!

Other Stuff
Don't want to buy them anything too personal? Why not buy them a public skate card or a few freestyle sessions. I got two sessions one year from friends. Good times.

Small video camera for the rink so they don't have to worry about their expensive smartphone getting broken or stolen. 

Skating Protection!  Read my posts for some ideas.

Gift certificate to their favorite skating clothing website. If your skater is a guy, Blue Skies is still making custom men's skating slacks. 

Touch screen sensitive gloves for those skaters who insist on having their smart phones with them at all times. Or if you can sew and want to modify a favorite pair of gloves you can modify them to be touch screen sensitive with some special thread.

So, those are my best skating gift ideas for this year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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