Thursday, June 24, 2021

I'm Alive!!!

 Recently I've been getting comments  from other skaters, some emails, and a call,  from the gentlest of commenters. "Did you Quit Skating?" No, "Is the blog finished?" No, " Are you ok?"Yes.

I'm only skating 1 hour a week. And nothing funny happens any more. Although there's a man my age learning to skate at the rink,  who did say to me during MY LESSON. "You are so amazingly graceful" . 

Well that WAS funny: Not even my coach  says that to me. And I'm PAYING HER!

  I told my coach, "I'm marrying any man who says that to me on ice"

She says, "He better propose soon if it's going to happen."

Good point, Coach. He's 65 and I'm 70. and he hasn't even asked me out on a date yet. 

Or indicated an interest in me, just my skating  And he and I both work full time.

Marriage is looking less and less likely isn't it?

MOVING ON...What's going on at home....


An 1970's addition to my 1950's house has a crack in the ceiling and the  structural engineer I hired told me stuff, trust me I didn't even know you could substitute a 1x2"for a 2x4" (well legally you can't).  The ceiling was up to 70's code, but not today's code. The 70s code was not grandfathered in so it has to be upgraded. Oh, and when the problem involves code issues YOUR INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER IT. 

Then I got caught in the wood inflation crisis.....One bid was $37000. I'm still laughing. But not in a haha way.


On the good side I got the roof to stop'now I'm calm.

Also, I've lost my fear of climbing  ladders.  

And Nothing to do with my house: I sprained my ankle. no not on the ice. but really bad. My leg fell asleep and I stood up -- onto a plastic bag, slid across a carpeted floor, and  8 weeks later I'm still limping. My hockey coaching podiatrist said I could skate because figure skates are perfect support for ankle sprain. 

I pointed out that between my bunion and the sprained ankle, I'll never toepick again

Dr Hockey asked, "Could you toepick before? "

I'll get him for that cheap joke

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