Saturday, March 17, 2018

Away for Three Weeks on Ice--back with improvement

At some point you get back to skating the way you get back to riding a bicycle: you can get back on no matter how many years and you're ready to go.
Your body can remember former skills

Anyway, I get back on the ice after three weeks, and bam! I'm doing one foot spins. I'm doing a one foot spin without fear or hesitation, which I've never done before. Then I went on and modified the spin so I was carrying my free foot in front of my skating foot, which I've never done before.

"Well, that's interesting," I told my coach. "I've been off the ice for 3 weeks, and I'm skating better than I ever have."

"Well, that happens sometimes," my coach said, "If you don't skate for a while, then you can get better."

I eyed her. "So if I never skate I can get a triple axel?" I joke.

Here's my new axel training program

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