Monday, January 30, 2017

Spin Me Like a Top

So my forward spin is solid. I take a recreational skater's pride that I can do it both ways. Although one side is not pretty, it's still both ways. It boosts my ego that coaches and skaters I know are all out there stroking my ego. "Oh, you've really improved!" they cry in joy.

Then as usually happens in figure skating my coach doesn't let me bask in my moment of glory, she decides to press ahead into new and unfamiliar territory where I will spend the next few months  flapping around trying to find my way out of the swamp of despair. 

"Your spin is okay, but we need to increase the rotations, and for that you need more speed. Set up your spin."

So I set up my spin, and as I enter it my coach takes my forward hand and spins me like a top!

I could feel various parts of my body tense up at the speed and they went, "Shit! She's serious about this, we better get working!"  So, on its own the stomach sucked itself in, the shoulders rolled down, the arms tensed up, and the ankle worked its little muscles and bones to keep me on the sweet spot. 

Result? Yes, I can do a fast spin... Under duress!

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