Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top Ten Ice Doesn't Care 2016 Posts

Runners up:
Things That only Figure Skaters Understand #6 
Things That only Figure Skaters Understand  #5

Top Ten

10. Air

9.  Pity the Coach 

8.  Things Only Figure Skaters Understand #11

7.  The Faces We Make

6.  Center Ice

5.   Things Only a Figure Skater Understands #9

4.  Things only a Figure Skater Understands # 1

3..  Dance Break 

2.  Why is it called That? 

1. Three Turn Checking-- AGAIN

The one the PSA shared with its membership. 

My Favorite 

And just to whet your appetite for my next post, I'll be explaining why a Bracket got its name.....and it's not what you'd expect!


  1. Totally thumbs up on all of them. Happy New Year Babbette!!

    1. Happy New Year to You! I hope your hamstring heals soon.