Thursday, August 25, 2016

Making Lemonade on Ice

I fell three times over two days on the same spot on my back right hip.

Of course it wasn't the spot where I had a pad.

This had an unusual effect, one I didn't expect. I couldn't hold an inside edge unless I was balanced perfectly over my boot.

You know that 'popped hip' your coach tells you to fix, if I popped a hip just the tiniest bit it was like an ice pick in the hip. If I rotated my hip even a tiny bit--not even a pop--it was like a small pony kicked me in the ass.

I couldn't even stroke for my first hour of skating today.  Or spin. Or mohawk. Or three turn. Or hold an inside edge for more than 15 feet.

What could I do? So I did what I could.

I used the injury to improve my skating! It's amazing how fast you can train yourself to get and stay over your boot when a popped hip is a problem. I had to make a concession and not do any T push push because of the hip rotation.

I did figure 8s. Ouside figure 8s o start. And inside  8s (argh! the pain).

After some figures and  a decent warm up, I was was able to stroke, and three turn, and t-stop. Mohawks are still out, but the pain in the hip is  manageable for crossovers and cross rolls. (Very, very cautious cross-rolls.)

By skating around my injury, I didn't lose an entire day of skating: And I learned something about how not to pop my hip and how to not give up.

Oh, yeah, two Advil and caffeine helped too. All hail the Gods of Over The Counter Painkillers!

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