Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fixing My Spin Entry--"Hi Craig, Nice to see you again!"

Miss Bianca takes out her "Marker of Doom" and draws the following squiggle on the ice in a space about 5 ' x 5'.
"Oh, good, " I say, "Spin Entry." Yes, I have a mental catalog of all Miss Bianca's Marker of Doom diagrams.

I rip into the pattern, and it sort of peters out. It's a struggle to exit with enough speed to make a back edge dramatic pose.

"You enter the spin too early," Miss Bianaca says.

The Red arrow in the diagram shows  the direction I'm facing when I begin my spin. The Blue arrow shows the direction I'm supposed to be facing when I begin my spin.
So Miss Bianca skates a few feet away and draws a happy face. "It's Amy's friend, Craig." I cry, "Hi, Craig!"
Miss Bianca rolls her eyes. I've been doing the 'Craig' shtick for years, I still find it funny.

"Anyway," Miss Bianaca says, "I don't want you to start your turn until you're facing...'Craig'."

Those extra 90° really do make my spin faster. My spins have always been centered, what they have lack is rotational velocity, and number of rotations. This gives me extra speed.

Next Miss Bianca makes me put my hands over my heart on the left, then try and get my nose over my left toe to force me onto my spin leg. Can I do a two rotation one foot spin? No. Do you need to ask?

The only thing was that with the extra speed I did an uncontrolled departure of the spin, it was with extreme rapidity, and I barely stayed up on my toe picks, and staggered my way across 10 feet of ice and crashed into Miss Bianca.  There was a  moment when we both nearly fell down and almost knocked over a five year old.  But we stayed on our feet and nobody fell on the five year old.

My View of "The Crash"
It was very exciting.

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