Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When You Lose Something Precious

This weekend someone backed their car into mine before I went skating.  I made it to the rink after the ritual exchange of insurance information (note: everyone takes pictures of the registration cards now). I even have a witness that I'm not at fault.  I felt calm cool, and collected.

I must have been more rattled than I realized, since,  when I left the rink after my lesson, I left my SkatingSafe kneepads behind, along with my super-duper best blade rag ever a Simonize waffle weave car detailing cloth. The kneepads I can replace, but the Simonize detailing cloth they don't make anymore.

When I went back to the rink the next day, no sign of the knee pads in lost and found.
The Desk Clerk checked the Lost and found all the way to the bottom.

The Skating Director even checked the "Figure Skaters Hidden Lost and Found".
No luck there either.
I was desperate enough to even open the benches to look inside, and behind them to see if they'd been pushed between the bench and the wall.

Someplace, somewhere, someone has my pads.

Okay, probably not this guy.
Anyway, I ordered new knee pads. I can't skate without them.


  1. Bummer on all counts, car, pads, towel. I currently wear either Seku's d3o knee pads or similar d3o pads from Musto (dinghy racing gear). (wear one set while the other set is drying after a soak in woolite). Seku you probably know about. Musto pads can be obtained from Annapolis Performance Sailing:


  2. Oh no! Sounds like a rough day all the way around. Can't say I use knee pads or a wipe rag (as no ice means no water to wipe, usually) so I don't have any suggestions for a replacement. Hopefully you can find replacement items soon so you can get back to skating.

  3. Thanks George! Alas, anything built into a tube just rolls up (well down) on me. I tuck my kneepads under the knees of my capri tights under my skating slacks. But I'm sure my readers will be interested in another option.