Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Whining Ritual--on Ice

Miss Bianca was looking thoughtful today. I've got all my basic skills, not perfect but they're all there (even the  weak side mohawk) and she wanted to move on to something new.

"Can you do Tango Stops?" she asked.

If your coach hasn't introduced you to these, a Tango Stop is a forward stop like a T-Stop but the stopping foot is in front of the skating foot.  They can be scary to learn.

"Oh, no," I said, "Those are scary. I can't possibly do those."

We're entering a ritual of learning new skills. It has 3 stages.
1. Miss Bianca tells me to do something.
2. I whine.
3. Then I do it anyway. Because Miss Bianca is THE BOSS.

It goes like this:

Miss Bianca gives me directions.

"Here's how to do this."

I whine:
Stage 1 Whine
Working up to a:
Stage 2 Whine 
Miss Bianca rolls her eyes and give me a pep talk.

Then I do what she wants me to do!

"Good little student. Good girl. And you said you couldn't do it."
(Shaffer pushes, still a long way off!)


  1. We don't have tango stops in roller. For, um, the obvious reason. But Shaffer take offs - yeah those suckers are hard!

  2. Like, right in front? Making a T shape? Or like off to the side a bit, maybe making an L shape? Sounds dreadfully scary. How was it after all?

    1. It's supposed to be right in front, making a T shape, with the stopping leg crossing the skating leg, and the heel of the stopping foot in the center.
      You can do it in an L shape, with the heel of the stopping foot brushing the outside of the skating foot, but that's cheating.

      Look at this video of a schafer push and you'll see the position.

  3. I don't "whine" per se, but I freely admit my coach gets this look *at least* once per lesson...