Sunday, July 26, 2015

You're A Real Skater When...

You Ask Your Coach to Teach You Something You're Scared of and Rotten At And Have Been Avoiding For Years...
 ...Hello, back threes

I am no where near this...come back in a few weeks to see where I'm going with it

You're Working On Your Axel Free Leg Position When You Don't Expect to See An Axel in the Next Decade

How I'll Feel When I Get An Axel--Even Once--Even On A Harness

So Far No One's Said I'm Crazy!
(Except Possibly an Orthopedic Surgeon Who said, "You're, what? 57? Give it up Already." That was 7 years ago.)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

How To Stuff a Zuca

This little trick will save your skates, by changing the way you stuff your Zuca.

When I had my old suitcase, it was easy to curve the stuff around the skates as they laid flat in the suitcase. But now, the skates go upright in the Zuca, and I end up piling stuff on top of them.
How people Put Skates in the Zuca
 You'd think with all the pockets and mesh on the Zuca, I could stuff something somewhere else than the center area.

But I'm really organized. I've lost so much stuff over the years, I have a mesh bag with pockets and I zip my important stuff in there. Like a nurse in surgery,who checks the surgery sponge pockets to make sure no sponges get left in the patient; I look in the bag pockets to make sure nothing gets left on the bench. Sadly it's kind of bulky and doesn't fit in the Zuca small storage areas on the outside.
Real Simple Lingerie Bag
Wrist Guards in the center pocket, stockings and gel tube on one end, gloves and elastics in the other. If it's not in the bag, I search until I find it. You cannot believe how much money this has saved me.

With the skates sitting on blades method of Zuca stuffing, the bag has to go on top of the leather shafts of the skates. There's no place else to put it. And if you want to put your jacket in the Zuca, it will rest on the shafts tops too. What to do?

Step 1. Rotate the boots so they're on their backs
2. Stuff the boots into the open Zuca so they're resting on their backs, with the blades at the handle side of the opening.

 3. Rest your jacket, bag of stuff, or whatever on the skates, the stuff will be mostly on the eyelet part of the shaft of the boot, some of it on the toes. Nothing really heavy here.

4. Advantage? The open end of the boot shafts are not blocked,  so the skates can air out!

5. When you get to the car. put the Zuca in so it's resting on its back, and unzip the flap! Your skates will now air out faster since nothing is blocking the inside of the skate!

6. When you get home, zip up the Zuca flap and take it in the house. Lay the Zuca on its back, open the flap and let the skates continue to air out.

Friday, July 24, 2015

When I'm In Over My Head--On Ice

I missed the first two sessions of LTS where the skating director (for some insane reason) has put me in Freestyle 2. Anyway, I showed up this week and introduced myself to the freestyle coach. So the rink rotates coaches through Freestyle LTS, and this session it's the technical jump coach. 

I don't jump. I barely spin....but I'll try anything where there's at least one foot on the ice.  The coach said, "Don't worry, I teach all levels."

She has  us working on our axel snap and turn (at the boards--THANK GOD) and then we transition to doing the snap and turn with the freeleg in the 'h' position,  on a three turn. It takes a few tries, but I can do it. It's not pretty,  but all my leg bits are in the general area of correctness.

Then the coach takes out a squeaker--you know, the kind they put inside dog toys--and sticks it to the inner front of her thigh. If you do your legs cross correctly in the jump (she demonstrates), the back of the crosing thigh will press on the squeaker and you'll know you're in the right position. 

Then the coach says, "But, to get that crossed leg position, you need to point your toes together or the cross won't be correct." She demonstrates a two foot spin with pigeon toes. The other skaters laugh and a couple demonstrate their foot position problems for the spin.

The coach turns to me and asks, "Can you spin?"

I don't even think about it, I rip off a perfect two foot three rotation spin, with the toes correctly pigeoned in.

The other skaters, who have put up with my spin learning process in the previous session,  burst into spontaneous applause.

WTF the coach was thinking about this, no idea.

And if I've got any of the technical bits wrong...sorry, I'm in over my head!