Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good Public Skate Karma at the Ice Rink

Figure skaters, we're all alike. Must work on this. Must work on that. Absorbed in our own little worlds. Pre-bronze test. Dance Test.

And not all of us are able to skate on Freestyle so we end up on public.

Even those of us who are still in Basic Skills or Learn To Skate, we're much, much better skaters than the normal ice tourist. Why not share the joy?

Why not help people have a wonderful memory of their day at the rink by offering to take a picture of the group together?

So maybe you see a couple trying to take a selfie.

Or you notice in the picture above that one person in that group is missing. That's the person taking the picture!

Why not skate up to the person with the camera and offer to take a picture of the group?


 Just make sure you don't end up taking a picture of your eyeball with an unfamiliar camera!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Smile and the World Smiles with You: Frown and you'll Trip over your Toepick

There's magic in your smile. It can help you skate better.

Miss Bianca says, "I can tell you hate your right inside mohawks. You frown. From now on I want you to smile when you do them."

So I smile and do a right inside mohawk. It's not a miracle but the turn is more stable and I don't have the choppy foot switch I do when I frown. Instead the foot switch is smooth and the transition to the back edge is easy.

It turns out there's a method in Miss Bianca's madness. instructional technique.

Frowning is Bad for You. But Smiles Are Good For You.

When you frown its an indicator of anxiety. Anxiety tightens the muscles of your jaw, which also tightens the muscles in your anterior neck. When your neck muscles tense it pulls your head forward and you tend to hunch your shoulders.
Frowny Face
(I like the costume and hair)

Guess what happens when you frown. Head and shoulders move forward, pulling you forward on your rocker. That leads to....
(Leg Warmers are coming back!)
So you're now struggling to stay off the forward part of your blade so you lean back, and that can make your skating choppy and reduce glide.

When you Smile, you relax your jaw and your posture (head and shoulders) improves. There's less of a tendency to hunch and tense up. You also tend to keep your head up and that leads to better arm and shoulder position. You're also better positioned over your blade, so you'll skate smoother and won't have to struggle as much to keep your edge.

So there's you're easy peasy skating tip for the day!

If it' works for you: KEEP SMILING!

If it doesn't work for you, send me angry comments!