Sunday, April 30, 2017

This One Time At Lake Placid Skate Camp.......

There were so many great class choices on ice and off ice anything I picked meant I crashed my schedule somewhere else.

 Hard decisions!

After skating for 4 hours: Second Breakfast!
And I was still hungry

At the end of the day?
Best sleep ever!


Saturday, April 29, 2017

"You're My Inspiration" #2

As you may remember, faithful followers, I fell a couple of months ago doing a forward edge pull and tapped my head.

Coaches I know gave me little lectures about head protection.

Anyway, I now wear an Ice Halo. A "minion yellow" Ice Halo. When I wear that Ice Halo, you can spot me across the rink, and I skate like a king.

A few weeks after I started wearing the 'minion yellow crown of protection' , a skater in Basic Skills came up to me and said I inspired her to make her own. She had taken a bike helmet apart and put the foam in a cute knit hat. Okay, I was impressed by that.

Then yesterday, I ran into couple I know and the husband said, "You inspired us, we went out and bought these Crasche helmets."

I'd rather inspire them with my skating.

But, I guess I'll take what I can get!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

My First Sit Spin Lesson

Coach Challenge idly glanced over to watch me do a spin.

I ripped into it and lifted one foot, then I began to sink at the knees as my body didn't want to stand up, and I was hunched over  with my arms and hands forward, to counter-balance my enormous ass that was sticking out behind as I kept sinking.

I finally, got upright and exited my spin.

Coach Challenge actually smiled. "If you bend over some more you'll get a better sit spin."

"That wasn't a sit spin try," I tell him, "That was 'desperate not to fall' spin."

Only now that he gave it a name, I can't do anything with it.