Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skating Moment For This Month

I add my skating bills up for the month

Then I still go ahead and buy new boots

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coach Eye

I have my mohawks!

Both Ways!




I run into my coach on ice and tell her, "Hey, I have my mohawks!"

Even though we're not in lesson, she says, "Show me." with that special coach face.
Yessss....sssshhhhow me...your mohawks
So I do them....badly.
My coach is like:
So, let me rephrase it, I have my mohawks, both ways, smooth, consistent AS LONG AS MY COACH ISN'T EYEBALLING ME!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Changes To USFSA Adult Testing Rules--Reprise but For Real

SRSLY?! You think I have a clue?

Here's an example of one of the new rules.
TR 25.09 Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field Test
Expectations for this adult standard test reflect a passing average that aligns with the pre-preliminary moves in the field test. The purpose of this test is to encourage beginning adult skaters to learn the fundamentals of ice skating. No great deal of technical ability, carriage or flow is expected. Candidates must show knowledge of the steps, fairly good edges and some evidence of good form.
What does 'passing average' mean? No clue.

Also, the new rules go into effect 9/1/2014. If you were thinking of testing later this year, you now have a deadline.

 Now go to USFSA and track down the proposed rule changes and read them.

And after you read the changes, plot out what your next test will be like.
Just remember, we were here a few days ago. The USFSA attitude is thus:

See, there's a reason I don't test. I'll spend a year working on the test, then they'll change the rules. Not going to worry about it. The rest of you have my sympathies.