Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breaking the 3 Rotation Spin Barrier

I've noticed over at SkatingForums.com that a lot of beginner skaters like myself are woe-is-me about getting more than 3 rotations in a spin. I just finally got my first 4 rotation spin, and I thought I'd continue posting about my exploration of my spin development.

A week ago I wrote about slowing down my spins so I could get a better sense  of what was impeding my spins. In my first experiments I discovered two things:
  1. I need to enter the spin with a definite inside edge
  2. I needed to make an in boot adjustment.
So that got me consistent 3 rotation spins.

I mean, I know people who do much, much better than that, so what am I doing wrong?

I have a patented method of dealing with things like this. When I try, and try and nothing gets better...

So, what's the opposite of the inside edge? The outside edge!

I started working on entering the 3 turn into the spin with a deeper outside edge. I've got lazy foot, so my outside edges are more like outside flats. Once I started focusing consciously on deepening the outside edge my transition to the inside edge got better. Three tries in and I hit my first four rotation spin!

Form may not be all that great, and four rotations make me dizzy, but I finally broke the four rotation wall!

Yeah, whatever. Still have four rotations.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Figure Skating is a No Treat Zone

This weekend Miss Bianca turns to me and says, "I want you to show me your pre-bronze moves forward and backwards crossovers."

This exercise has the skater do forward crossovers in a figure 8 pattern, followed by a swing mohawk into a figure 8 pattern in back crossovers.

The skater has to do it with flow and power, and Miss Bianca likes to see smoothness with consistent rhythm.

So this is what I do.
1. Forward crossovers with a really nice underpush--including the part where the free leg slides right up against the skating leg.
2. Double swing change edge mohawk 
3. Smooth, consistent back crosses with extended freeleg on the underpush

"Well, do it again," Miss Bianca says, "Those counter-clockwise back crossovers need work."

No word about the double swing change edge mohawk, or the really nice forward crossovers. I feel like...Lisa Simpson.

But that's not the figure skating way. If you do it right, the coach just moves on and fixes what is wrong.

In figure skating the response to doing it right is silence.

And if you do it right. You don't even get a cookie! 

So here's the thing, no matter how well you do something, in figure skating there's only 'Let's move on...' to something harder!

Hi five! Now let's work on your balancing on your front legs!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

How I feel when.....

Some kid grabs my blade guards and walks off with them

I'm practicing an off-ice  layback

I'm trying to manage my iphone with my gloves on

I try to get into the rink at 530 am for freestyle