Thursday, September 13, 2018

Male Recreational Skaters

When a male ice dancer gets his 
first lesson with a female coach

When the exhaustion kicks in after he's been 
showing off his power in his first lesson and 
she has power to spare


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I Tackle the Canasta Tango, Yet Again

So, while I was at Lake Placid, I took two lessons with Mark Fenczak, the dance coach. "I failed the Canasta Tango," I told him. "So long ago, I forgot all the steps."

"Oh, don't worry," he told me. "By the end of this lesson you'll have the steps completely down."

Okay, I failed the Canasta Tango because I FORGOT THE STEPS! I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I told him that.

He gave me a Cheshire Cat superior smile, because he was right, at the end of the lesson I had the steps down.

Here's his method.

The chasse's are all facing the shortboards. The swingrolls and progressives are facing the longboads.
The blue arrows represent facing the longboards. The red arrows represent facing the shortboards.

That's it.

Once he pointed that out to me, I had the whole thing down in 15 minutes.  AND AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I WON'T FORGET IT AFTER MY TEST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE....probably not.
Of course, that was just the steps. I still had no power, and I'm sure a coach with more time that two lessons would have cracked the whip over my swingrolls and indifferent slide chasse's, but my cross rolls on the end pattern are not god-awful. Awful, maybe, but that's an entirely different issue.