Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Foot Pain Diagnosis

What it feels like

What it is
Hallux Rigidus---
Stiff Big Toe
Left- Healthy  Right--Unhealthy
Actually, my doctor called it a classic case (pain in the big toe, pain in the joint, and pain betwee 1st and 2nd metatarsals). I thought it was just old age, but he said it was actually arthritis.  

I wish I had a copy of the X-ray. It was really spectacular. The joint had a bone spur that folded in on itself.

There's like a hundred treatments for this, including replacement of the joint. Fortunately, even though it hurts so much I occasionally am in intense pain, he says I have a mild case. He prescribed steroids for 12 days. If that doesn't work, then before Lake Placid, he'll give me a cortisone shot to get me through the week. If it gets worse after that, I'll consider surgery.

Temporarily, he told me to put stiff insoles in to keep my big toe from bending at all. See, that's why I go to my hockey coach podiatrist. He has practical advice too.

Woohoo! At least I'll have an excuse to avoid the Christmas show if I have to have surgery!!!



Saturday, July 7, 2018

Edited All Spin Day in Lesson

So my right foot is still killing me, so coach decided to make it an "All Spin Day!" since I spin on my left foot.

First Spin

Second Spin

My coach actually said "Phenomenal" to this one
Note: I don't travel. Travel is scary.

Then coach started me on "Two foot sit spins"

I can get all.the.way down. And I can get up. And I can do 3 rotations.

But coach says, "Arch your back,  tuck your  upper arms next to your body, but push your hands forward.

"Wait!!" I cried, "You want me to do a sit spin with Tyrannosaurus Rex arms?!"

Apparently so. And it works.