Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"Group" Lesson Three--Alone again..."Private lesson!"

The second student of last week has disappeared to skate in Adult six on Saturdays, so it's just me alone with my "Group" coach.

She likes to start me off with a couple of hard fast circuits of the rink, dodging people and doing crossovers on the shortboards. Then she skated over to one of the other coaches and asked for him to loan her part of his lane so I can have the space for an entire group class, and he can cram his 5 students into half a lane.

"Now," the coach says to me, "I want you to do crossovers around this circle then switch to a one foot glide and skate over this other circle here." She draws it on the ice with a marker.

Oh, dear God, I think she's prepping me for Bronze moves.

Then we do 8s in a back crossover (my left foot is still giving me problems here, sadly). Then she moves to another space on the rink and has me doing alternating 3's (inside and outside--sad face for inside 3's). And we end up doing mohawks. She shows me some new steps. "That looks like a five step mohawk pattern." I say. And so she has me doing that over a space that is about a quarter of a sheet of the ice: 5 step mohawks in a circle, on a line, alternating.

I'm dipping and dodging and zipping through other peoples classes, ripping through other people's patterns, because I am a good figure skating student  and I go where the coach points.We end up moving from the corner of the rink, to gradually taking over the center. None of the other coaches said anything. They moved their classes so to avoid me, and when I charged through their lines,  I dodged them...probably.

Have you ever had a dog? A big dog? An indoor big dog? If you're not a sadist you probably gave up at some point in enforcing the 'humans only' rule of bed occupancy. You yielded to the sad eye, and the cold nose and let the dog get on the bed. Am ' right? It's just easier than raising a fuss.

Imagine then, that the bed represents the surface of the ice rink, and the person in the bed represents all the students in all the other group lessons.

I am the dog.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I Never Thought I'd Say This....

Oh My God, I LOVE Chloe Noel!

Okay, I could write poetry about the first time I put on a pair of Chloe Noel over the boot tights. Great handfeel, heavy material, just the right amount of stretch and compression. I was finally unfat enough to wear Adult Medium. Which yes, is not dance sizing. 

However, Chloe Noel seems to assume all women are 5'8". The inside leg on a Medium is 32".  I'm 5'2", my normal inseam is 29". In order to get the leg length right, I would have to wear Child Large or Child Xtra Large. I'm never going to be that tiny. I might get to Adult Small, but that's only going to go to a 31" inseam..

Fortunately, I'm able to  take up some of the extra length by pulling  the over-the-boot part of the pants all the way down to cover the toe of my tiny feet.  It stays securely over the toe without any clips or bands under the boot to keep it in place. I actually look like I'm wearing boot covers.

So, I'm happy with them. Long, but it's okay. Form fitting. Meh, I'm 67, I don't think I'm going attract any attention. 

At my age, I just don't want to give anyone nightmares at seeing me in tight pants.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Shop for your Coach for Christmas

 Rule 1: It doesn't have to be about Skating

I gave my coach a great gift one year, a Home Depot gift card contribution to redecorating her bathroom in her mountain cabin.  I think  this was her favorite. Another time I gave her a canvas 'hair tools' tote. Which, like me, she carries stuff in the car in. (I cannot tell you how useful one of these is.)

Rule 2: If it is for skating, it shouldn't be soakers or blade guards--unless they have been making some specific hints. Some people are very fussy about those things. I change mine about once a year, or when I lose one of a pair, but my coach has been repairing her first soakers since she started skating.  And laces are fine, but do you really know the length and whether you coach likes cotton, poly, mixed or nylon? And really, that's cheap.

Rule 3: Stuff which you can give, when you really don't have any good ideas. You almost can't go wrong with fancy moisturizer, lip balm, or skating socks, tights or something for the car like one of those ice scrapers with a mitten over the handle. Car stuff is useful: jumper cables, a seat warmer that plugs into the 12v plug. Just, for God Sakes, don't give candles.

Rule 4: If you give clothes then include a gift receipt. And clothes or a gift card to a shop is perfectly okay. Just don't buy something and monogram it.

Rule 5. If you know your coach's taste in music, movies, or entertainment--give away! My coach does not know I'm a fan of Tyler Perry's Madea, cause I'd kill for a collection of those movies.  And until I know her taste that well, I'm not giving her movies or music.

Rule 6; CASH....Liquor...cookies...can't go wrong with these!

Rule 7: Does your coach have a hobby? Skating may be your hobby but your coach's may be skeet, or travel, or  art.

This year my coach is getting a gift card to TALBOTS.  She said once she always wanted a sweater from there....well, have fun shopping!