Sunday, November 3, 2013

Speed on Ice

I hadn't seen Miss Cheerleader for a few months, and when we got together on the ice this weekend, we yakked about her Silver Dance test next week, and her work on her Gold Moves.

We're on public and as we skate around the rink yelling over the music, we're going like fire.

Sort of like this.
We're blowing past the people in rental skates, weaving around the hockey boys, zipping along at  fast and serious pace. Oh, I can remember the old days, when moving this fast would have panicked  me.
I used to feel like this when I went fast
"Hey, you're keeping up really well," Miss Cheerleader says, "Your knee must be better!" I agree, and say, "Look I know you have tests to work on, don't let me keep you."
And Miss Cheerleader was gone…
Miss Cheerleader
Yeah, no keeping up with THAT!

But I'm gonna try!

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