Saturday, November 30, 2013

Merry Christmas to Your Skater--2013

Desperate for last minute gifts for your skater?  Here's my last couple of years of skater gift suggestions.

Christmas gifts for your coach.

Merry Xmas to your Skater-2012.

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I haven't been on ice much this year, so I haven't seen any new skating things to buy. So what about....

Fabric! and Crystals! or a Sewing Machine! Doesn't matter if your skater is a guy or a gal, everyone needs costumes and sparkles, boot covers, practicewear, jackets, whatever. Even a series of Learn to Sew lessons can be a wonderful gift. Okay, maybe you'd get resistance if your skater is under 18 or an adolescent boy, but most adult skaters would be grateful. Let's face it, if a guy skates, does he even care what people think?

I know what somebody out there is thinking, "This woman would recommend giving a donation to the Heifer Project in someone's name as a Christmas gift." Well, yes, if you made a charitable donation in my name I'd be happy with that as a gift. I've reached the age where 'useful gifts' is perfect!

Do you reject the sewing idea?  Okay, give them some freestyle or public skate cards. Those fit everyone!

Oompa loompa doompety doo
I've got another costume for you
Oompa loompa doompeda dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me

Learning to sew gives you power and style
You control all  designs and that brightens your smile
Your practice wear will fit; not to short or too long
And your costume is yours! Not sung to someone else's song!
(And if you want to see how to make a costume there's always Sew Skate Read's costume sewing tutorial!


  1. Terrific post!

    My daughters have decided that I will make batches of spicy muffins for their skating class mates & coaches this year.

    Okay then!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    Also, this post is a bit ironic because I just bought rhinestones at a Black Friday sale... The gift of sparkle is always appropriate for the holidays ;-)