Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Boot Report

I went to my skate fitter to try on my new semi-custom boots.

Harlicks X-line (narrow heel, wide forefoot), with extra wide tongue, and ankle notch.

Oh, baby, that extra wide tongue was nice.

Hated the Harlicks nylon laces (which hurt my hands), and substituted the Reidell laces ...which were too thick for the Harlicks eyelets. Either way, I'm going to have to use a lace puller unless I can get some Jackson laces.  Love me some Jackson laces, but they only sell them in boxes of 36.

The left boot was a dream. If the left boot was a man our relationship would look like this.
We were made for each other
The right foot was just a leeetle too wide all over. When I skated on it, I could feel my right foot slopping around in it.
Slide around on the insole then hit the side of the boot
When I put a second insole in, that pushed my foot up into the boot, and I thought that would be the end of it.  My fitter told me he would send it back to Harlicks to 'tighten it up'. That makes sense, since someday I may need to use the second insole trick when the boot gets broken in.

I also tried some 8 foot rocker blades and decided against them. I really need that pronounced  7 foot rocker of the MK Pro, to feel where I am on the blade. My attitude towards the MK PRO is this:

So, the boots went back to Harlicks and I decided to stick with the MKPros when they come back.


  1. Check if Rainbo sports will get you Jackson laces in a smaller quantity.

    1. There weren't any on the website, but I'll give them a call

  2. Love the first GIF... I am the one who was asking about your boots! It sound like you are getting really close. Will be waiting to hear about their first encounter with the ice. What 8' radius blades were you trying out just out of curiosity?

    1. Ultima Legacy.
      They had a wonderful glide but in new boots, I had no control. I had no idea where the rocker was after a couple of years in MK pros.