Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finding the Perfect Spot To Practice at the Rink

Above you see the ice layout from my rink, I'm going to explain the areas that  are perfect for practice for beginners.

A. This is the ice resurfacer gate. It's awful. There's a dip along the boards and chunks of buildup.  Don't skate there.
B. This is the entry gate for the skater. People going in and out. And they aren't looking out for other people. Don't skate there.
C.  This is the circle in front of the resurfacer gate. It's not as bad as the ice in front of the gate, but it's pretty torn up. Don't skate there.
D and F. Lutz corners. Don't skate there.
E. Center circle. Someone's always spinning, or starting their program or zipping through as part of their program. Don't skate there.
G. Harness alley OR where the coaches who coach from the boards hang out. Don't skate there..
H. The space behind the goal and the space in front of the goal at the resurfacer end of the rink are always torn up. Don't skate there.
I. The only place in the rink where the ice is nice and is not reserved for anything else. Don't skate there! It's too crowded with beginners!

Okay, really, move around. Practice all over the rink. Just don't get locked in your own little world. Keep your head up, and be aware of other skaters.



  1. Love it! As a freestyle newbie, I am feeling the humor and truth keenly :) Just trying to find a good spot for the Waltz 8!

  2. By the way, I am wondering how your new skates are treating you?

    1. I pick them up sometime this month. Going from 7 foot rocker to 8 foot rocker for the thrill of it.

  3. Actually, I and C are the lutz corners for us lefty skaters. Granted, there aren't many of us, but we like those corners a lot. Don't worry, we usually watch out for people in those corners since we are already looking out for righty skaters throughout the entire ice surface.

    1. So you're one of those 'lefties'! I keep hearing about them, but thought they were rara avis like unicorns and griffins!

    2. Hey now... Lefties RULE!!!! And, if you do skate in I & C, just don't spin there. We WILL take you down.

  4. True story, this. Love it. :-) If people keep moving (but looking where they're going), life is so much easier for everyone.