Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday Night Disco Public Skate

After I got back on the ice, the only option for me to get some skating in was Friday Night Disco Public Skate.

I know what you're thinking; it was a drunk filled fight scene. I've seen videos on youTube.

In reality, except for the loud music, and the flashing seizure inducing lights, it was quite fun and just pleasantly crowded. Not too many, not too few, and a few people with kids.

My rink's 'laser show' was pretty pathetic. Mostly it was some flashing lights. It was nothing like they do in Dundee.

Nope, my rink was no where near this
 And the music was loud. Really loud. But at least they didn't play "Superman a 'ho" which I once heard at a Saturday afternoon public filled with kids. 

Next time I skate at disco night, I'll just wear earplugs.

In the winter, disco night is reputedly a drunk filled skatefest, complete with off duty cops. But in the summer, they even put out the cones!

And you know what? The skaters OBEY THE CONES!

OMG! They're staying out of the center!
So I did an hour of lap skating and some practice. Nice Guy Rink Guard kept an eye on me (I think he's afraid I'm going to have a heart attack).

Anyway, the only thing that can't be fixed is I'm at least 40 years older than the next oldest person on the ice!


  1. I used to skate regularly at disco night. (Around here it's called 'teen night.') It was pretty good. Mostly the kids ignored me because a 40-something skater is invisible to teenagers, but there were a few who would look after me, make sure dangerous skaters controlled themselves and complimenting me on any improvements. There were some dads who were fun to hang out with. Good energy. Hmmmm...I may need to revisit a teen skate soon.

  2. I've skated there! :-) My rink shut for a couple of months for renovations a couple of years ago and my skate school hired ice there once a week. It was after an afternoon disco session so everyone ended up warming up rinkside dancing around to the music! My rink has disco sessions but if you are over 13/14 you stick out like a sore thumb and are pretty much guaranteed to be breathalised on the way in. They are seriously dark too which is really disconcerting.

    1. Compared to my rink the Dundee Ice Rink is classy.

  3. Diarist Daughter and I did our rink's "Disco" nite one time. That was enough for me. It's not that I can't hang with the kids, but when they skate against the grain of traffic flow and suddenly appear out of the shadows is can be a little daunting. I had a frontal encounter with a boy skating against the grain whom I outweighed by about 50 lbs. He suddenly appeared out of the shadows and we collided. He went down hard. I was still standing after the impact. I helped him to his haunches and asked if he was alright. He shook his head to clear it and mumbled that he was OK. He then skated off into the darkness. No damage done (at least to me). Never saw him again. Never went back to "disco" nite again either. Complete waste of time. Did talk the "DJ" into playing some ZZTop. (old foggy elevator music).