Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember Wanda Beazel!

(First off, thanks to EVA of EvaBakes for covering for me while I was out!   I'm back on the ice as of Friday, and your regularly scheduled blather about adult beginner skating will begin again!)

Back in the 80s and early 90s, World Champion Debi Thomas used to do an exhibition program of a beginning skater called "Wanda Beazel".

If you haven't seen it, here's a version (one of many, it was a very popular program) of it:

At 1:10 there's my spin.

At 2:18 there's my back crossovers!


  1. I love Wanda Beasel :) My favorite elements are the spiral and the lutz entrance. They get me every time.

  2. I love Wanda, too! I even remember her falling over the boards one time. Maybe that's in this one, but I don't have time to watch it right now. I feel a YouTube Wanda-a-thon coming on though! Definitely one of my favorite skaters of all time.

  3. Wanda is awesome, but you are awesome-r. I am sure that your spins and crossovers are fabulous! Don't sell yourself short.

  4. I am happy to report that my first sit spin was way better than that. I can't say the same for my first crossovers, though. XD

    omg... that lutz entrance scared me.