Monday, April 9, 2012

Messing Around

Do you ever have moments where there's a brief pause in your lesson? Maybe your coach is at the other end of the rink and wants you to skate down there to where he is,  or there's some devilish inspiration that overcomes you, and just for a few seconds you're off lesson: messing around.

Go ahead. Do something flashy.
This first happened to me on a public session where some music came  over the speakers and I put some moves on. I didn't think any of the skaters would appreciate an elderly woman doing some krumping, so I settled for some poppin' and lockin'. Dance Coach stared down at me and said in surprise, "You can dance."

You betcha. I can also do the Tango, Waltz, Mashed Potato, the Pony, the Swim, the Boogaloo, the Twist, and the Jitter-bug.

Just not in skates.

But now that the horror of the Dutch Waltz is behind me,  I've released my inner social dancer.


And only when Dance Coach is in a good mood.

I'm not crazy.

Mostly,  I settle for letting my messing around be nothing more than an extravagant arm movement during a presentation glide. This makes Dance Coach squawk--What is that? Is not right! Is too showy! Did I tell you to do that!

Then last week we were in the box on Freestyle working on selecting music for my test session. Finally I selected the music for the Rhythm Blues that I liked.  Very bluesy. Dance Coach said, "Let's skate." and headed to the starting point of the dance. My problem was, out of habit I headed for the starting point of the Canasta Tango (which is at the blue line) and Dance Coach headed for the red line where the Blues start. This is one occasion where grabbing my hand would have come in useful, and he doesn't do it.

So I'm in the wrong spot just as the music starts. I look towards Dance Coach. I hear the music and I strike my Blues Pose.
This pose, plus 40 years, 50 pounds, and well, clothes

Then I put in a little shoulder action, with the traditional bluesy hip swivel and skated in a bluesy way, ending up in hold on the beat.

Dance Coach had no expression on his face. Then to my astonishment he said seriously, "That was actually pretty good."

Man, don't encourage me, or I'll be hamming it up during tests.

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